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Keep on moving, Jacob.


What a start. Jacob was moving people, young and grown-ups, active and relaxed, cheerful and thoughtful,  ladybugs and jinx, runners and sitters, fans and coolies, jocks and weary. All were moved by Jacob and his big smile. At the Vernissage. At the City Run in Basel. In the Ice Rink before the Rathaus in Basel. At the Art Biennale di Venezia as well as in Belgium, Düsseldorf and Essen, Amsterdam, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo, Australia. In the bookstores and platforms and medias in the real world as well as in the virtual one. Jacob is happy about a fantastic year. Thank you all, dear readers, supporters, fans and followers. Keep well & fit and move on with us. To a happy and healthy and emotional new year. Thank you, Hans Peter & Gaby& Jacob & Löwchen from Venice are dancing for you here.


Das Buch «Fit mit Jacob» mit den sieben Wunderübungen gibt’s überall, wo Sie gute Bücher finden. Im Buchhandel off- und online und direkt hier beim Wörterseh-Verlag.

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