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AP 21 – The Cleanup Collection


42 posters along the Rhine. Celebrating AP 21, the anti- and nolittering movement, that turns Basel and the shores of the Rhine and of other rivers into a cleaner and better place. Discover during Art Basel and Volta Art Fair Thomas Deininger, Carola Mokveld, Yuan Wei-ming, Kathrin Stalder, Moritz Herzog, Thomas Kneubühler, Stefan Hübscher. At the place, where all began.

“Trash makes trash. Aktionpinguin eliminates it with a completely new approach: playful, with fun, animating. Thank you everyone for following along. You guys are fantastic.”
Hans Peter Brugger, founder of Aktionpinguin AP 21
“Aktionpinguin puts littering in the bag. Proactive for a clean Basel and Rhine shore. Thank you for your help.”
Mansour Benayat, IG & Social Media Partner of Aktionpinguin»
Founded 2021 at and in the Rhine as a sideeffect of the first winter ice-swimming season. The littering collecting bags are free along the river an on special hotspots in the city for everyone willing to collect litter by chance.
“Why not pick up something instead of just being indignant. That’s how AP started. As a side effect to ice swimming. It’s nicer if it’s clean when you get in and out, and on the way, too. No sooner said than done. Just do it.” 
“We show that it is not witchcraft to dispose of litter. It goes without saying that you’ve already had your own litter in your paws, or other people’s litter when it suits you. It takes a little courage and cool tools. Available free of charge at”.

“A special word of thanks to the city’s cleaning service. They do a great job. We provide them with targeted support. If a container overflows, we shovel it free. If we encounter a wild dump, we don’t rest until the nuisance is removed. If it comes back, we come back, too. We’ll keep at it.”

“Cleanup days are good for raising awareness.  So are our team and company events. But it’s crucial to regularly look, pick up, dispose. Anyone and everyone can do it. After all, we were all once passionate collectors and hunters.”

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