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The Art of Collecting Collectors


Littering is a plague. The reasons for it are manifold. Solutions have been discussed for decades. Despite these littering talks, it did not get better, in fact it felt worse. Aktionpinguin was founded out of this need. As a side effect of my winter swimming. In and along the Rhine. I carried up cans, broken pieces, sticky things. Disposed them.

In the winter of 20/21.

Just add some fun and joy.

Swim with the Banksy Girl with the red ballon.

I faced litter. I collected. People shook their heads. Some thanked, some were indignant. These youth. No childishness. One should. One ought to. I did. Carried up.

One person alone can’t do much. But if hundreds, thousands do the same. Yes, then it will quickly become cleaner. Thought, done. A simple bag. Evaluated by professionals. Climate-neutral, produced in Europe from recycled material. Best environmental balance.

First plogging with Lauftreff beider Basel and “Züri rännt”.

Corporate Volunteering with different companies.
Action: 1 bag of trash = 1 Pizza for free.
Corporate Volunteering attracts always lots of “spectators”, watch on the bridge.

Litter-Picking for all by Aktionpinguin has brought about dramatic improvements in Basel. The sack shows everyone how simple anti- and nolittering can be. Tools, tips and commitment are all it takes.

The positive effect is multiple: because rubbish makes rubbish. Once it’s gone, there’s no more.

Litter-picking for everyone and city cleaning plus awareness-raising is the answer. The success of Aktionpinguin is measurable. Positive, to the delight and benefit of all. With commitment and a simple sack.

A talk with RR Esther Keller.

Thank you, thanks to all.

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