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Art at heart


The blue planet. A total work of art. Nature designs. Artists work with nature. Interart. Interactions. Worth a visit, an extra glance. At Art Basel. At Garden Futures in the Vitra Design Museum. Over the art year, again and again. Wherever, whenever. No matter the place. Nature ‘n’ art are always and everywhere. Looking back forward. From top to bottom. You name them.

Alexandra Kehayoglou, Santa Cruz River, Teppich, National Gallery of Victoria, 2016/17, z.Zt. Garden Futures: Designing with Nature im Vitra Design Museum, Weil a. Rhein, © Hans Peter Brugger

At Art Unlimited 2022, Bins turning into a “plant”.
Sebastião Salgado – Heavy rain on the Jura River.
Tom Deininger – Bluejay – If I only had a heart.
Aktionpinguin for a clean art city
Hero Seven in Avignon – friends of nature & aktionpinguin.
Nature as a painter.
Rafael Fuchs signs & designs for the AP Collection
Luma, Arles
Elfenbeinspecht – Tom Deininger
Rheinschwimmen Basel

Tom Deininger and Aktionpinguin collecting littering in the 14° C cold Rhine. Cleaning it up and getting items for awesome artwork from objects with a story. The side effects: Protecting nature, the water, the living and swimming beings from waste, poison and pollution. Step by step, pull by pull. Watch this.

Tom Deininger – Go with the Flow.
Ethan Cohen Gallery, NYC at Volta
Aktionpinguin x Wickelfisch – The artists collection CHF 250.-/piece
Sur le pont … über der Rhône.
Theater Festival Avignon

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